Levels of Team Building

Our methodology for developing your required training is straightforward and simple.

  1. Listen before we propose,
  2. Understand the business you are in,
  3. Understand the kind of culture you wish to create,
  4. Consider the level of team with which we will work,
  5. Suggest a methodology for achieving your results,
  6. Provide you with a consultant familiar with your business or industry,
  7. Create action learning labs appropriate for your business,
  8. Train and educate using cutting edge adult learning methodologies, and
  9. Measure results.

Once we know the level of “Team” understanding and commitment that presently exists in your organization, we can propose the appropriate level of involvement and the methodology to employ. We see several levels of growth possible. We prefer to lay the groundwork with theory and basics of team behavior in small group seminars. Afterwards, we may suggest one or more of the following approaches and labs:

Classic Teambuilding

  • Low Ropes Courses
  • Trust Building Activities
  • Crossing Acid River
  • Quality Web
  • Electric Maze
  • Orienteering Courses
  • Bridge Building Activity

Advanced Teambuilding

  • Flying Starship business simulation
  • Sentinel System (infrared technologies)
  • High Ropes Courses
  • Escape from Mediocrity Team Event

Reconstructive Teambuilding

  • Conflict Management
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Exploring the Team Shadow
  • Returning the Team to High Performance assists the team that has gotten off track to return to High Performance

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