Spooky Action in Ukraine: Quantum Entanglement and the Passion of Christ

A peaceful Danube River cruise to transport West Point alumni to enjoy the artistry of the once per decade Passion Play in Oberammergau, Germany turns into a life and death struggle for Colonel Christian Madison and one Ukrainian family living in the shadow of the former nuclear site at Chernobyl, Ukraine. While a stand-alone adventure novel, Spooky Action is the fifth in the series that Jeffries’ followers call the “Christian Madison Chronicles.” Quantum physics, the Christian world view, Russian aggression in Ukraine, and good old fashioned western spy craft combine for an exciting page turner. 

Framing the Sacred: The Shadow of Death

This high tech spy novel is the 4th in the Christian Madison series of adventure novels. A friend from the past is kidnapped by Iranian agents because of her involvement with a top secret government project sponsored by DARPA to uncover potential terrorists before they themselves even know they have been primed to act. This novel debunks the myth of the “Lone Wolf,” examines the impact of all social media on the frontal cortex, explains why “becoming radicalized” is no longer relevant, and helps to explain why apparently normal individuals, such as the Las Vegas shooter can be conditioned to do the unthinkable by remotely rewiring their rational thought processes.

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Inliers: The Curse of Polarity Thinking

This book is a natural sequel to Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers, providing organizational leaders tips and strategies for removing all those impediments to achieving organizational greatness and personal mastery.

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Culture and High Performance

All exceptional organizations have one trait in common: they are led with Clarity. It is the leader’s task to create an organizational culture that fosters High Performance. In this book, Bill Jeffries coaches leaders through the process of culture creation to help leaders and their organizations become the very best in class.

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By Bill Jeffries. The unexpected murder of a fusion scientist in Grenoble, France and the abduction of a beautiful woman in Montreux, Switzerland, propel West Point graduate COL Christian Madison into action against an international cabal of terrorists who seek to steal plasma and cyber technology from the US government and fusion technology from ITER, the international nuclear site in southern France. As Iran and Russia are on the verge of precipitating WW III, Madison and a band of patriots, known only as Concord, must confront vicious international terrorists and an administration of left-wing radicals, recently elected to office in Washington, DC, who are ignoring the terrorist concerns in their efforts to disrupt the free market system and undermine the US Constitution. The book is available from Authorhouse.com, your favorite on-line bookstore, or, for signed copies, directly from us at ESI, Inc. for $ 18.00. We pay tax and shipping.

Spirit of the Oryx

By Bill Jeffries. This adventure novel brings together Muslim and Christian religious views of the End Times. Stir in advanced quantum physics, Bill’s unique understanding of Washington political intrigue, and first-hand knowledge of the Arabian Gulf and you are in for a rush. The book is available from Authorhouse.com, your favorite on-line book store, or, for signed copies, directly from us at ESI for $ 15.00. We pay tax and shipping.

Still True to Type

By Bill Jeffries, published by Buttermilk Ridge Publishers, is the first book you should read after having completed the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®. This comprehensive analysis of all the versions of the form available from the publisher, demystifies the world’s leading personality survey and reveals why current changes in the form’s development may be unnecessary.

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Profiles of the 16 Personality Types

By Bill Jeffries, published by Buttermilk Ridge Publishers, is the finest collection of portraits of the 16 personality types available on the market. Each of these comprehensive descriptions include 12 sections, including: Leadership Style, Type Under Stress, Jungian Development of the Type During Your Lifetime, Ethical Decision-making, Sample Prominent Figures Sharing Your Type, and 7 other sections.

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This in a 2010 updated and revised edition.

Hannibal, Hummers, and Hot Air Balloons

By Bill Jeffries, Subtitled: “High Performance Strategies for Tough Times,” this book is mandatory reading for any business leader experiencing change or the demand for enhanced performance.

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Taming The Scorpion: Preparing Business for the Third Millennium

By Bill Jeffries, published by Professional Press in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, is available from most bookstores for $25.00 plus tax & shipping.

You may order Taming The Scorpion: Preparing Business for the Third Millennium directly from Executive Strategies International, Inc. (ESI) for $25.00 plus $3.50 shipping. Named one of the most influential business books of the 1990’s by Drew University.

Trap Door to the Dark Side

By Bill Jeffries. Captain Christian Madison confronts the shadow side of his unconscious as he encounters the darker side of American politics while fighting the deep cover war on the borders of Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. The heart in conflict with itself becomes more script than metaphor as Madison finds himself betrayed by the very country he seeks to serve. His Beatrice through this dark night of the soul is Suzie, a gorgeous French-Chinese guerilla. The book is available from Authorhouse.com, your favorite on-line bookstore, or, for signed copies, directly from us at ESI, Inc. for $ 18.00. We pay tax and shipping.

Chewing the Wafer: Living a Christian World View

What is a world view? How does one’s world view develop? How
does a “Christian” world view differ from all others? What is the local church’s responsibility to inculcate such a world view in its numbers?

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