A Primer of Audience Comments

Technical Manager, Boeing:
The hallways were buzzing Monday morning. Where did you ever find this guy? When is he coming back? He was dynamite.

Plant Manager, Hoechst, AG.:
Once again, I got rave reviews from exempt and non-exempt employees alike who attended your recent seminars. Thanks for helping us change the culture.

Marketing Director, Kodak:
An incredibly dynamic guy! I’ve been in this field for 11 years and Bill is the best there is!

Vice President, General Electric:
I came feeling burned out and battered. I left feeling renewed, ready to take on the world.

Senior VP, CIGNA Corporation:
You folks are definitely a class act, and I am comparing you to every big name management guru in the field. Individually and collectively, you are the best!

President, Israelcard:
I’ll come back again and again. I can’t get enough!

President, Celanese:
What I feel most strongly about is that you have good, solid common sense. Thanks for sharing it with us.

EVP, Bayer Corporation:
Without question, the best seminar I have ever attended. Bill is a master teacher and a masterful business leader. I’d follow him anywhere.

VP, British Petroleum:
Riveting Performance! Useful content! Excellent command of the class and the content! The highlight of the program!

Professor of Strategy, War College:
I just dropped you off at the hotel and returned to my office. I had 21 e-mails from our senior class saying yours was the best lecture in their nine months at the War College.

Superintendent of Indiana School:
I see now why you are booked so far in advance. You are simply fabulous!

Senior Manager, Lockheed Martin
Maybe the most impactful speaker in my business career. Every executive at Lockheed Martin needs to hear from you.

I came skeptical and distrustful. I left open-minded, hopeful, and trusting. Let’s take the first step together.
President, Teamsters, Rhode Island

What more can I say? My time with ESI made my trip to the States worth every penny I spent.
President, Equitable Company, Canada

We blew it again! We had you keynote the program and all the students asked for the next year and a half was, why can’t the rest of your speakers be as good as Bill Jeffries?
Dean, Masters Program, Georgia Tech

Our whole team came extremely skeptical. Two of our senior team were so angry at the rest of us that they almost didn’t come. I watched the scales fall off our eyes for three days. We learned to trust each other, depend on one another, and, I dare say, I learned how to lead. Thanks to you and Leah for helping me personally and our new team collectively. You got us on the right path. Now it is up to us. We’ll be in touch along the way.
President, Multinational Corporation

Bill has the knack of being the only person I know who can tell me I am a jerk and that I am wrong and have me thank him for it. For my sake and the company’s sake, I hope I get it right one of these days.
Business President, Hewlett Packard

A life changing event. I need to have my wife as well as my family hear from Bill.
Professional Football player