Is your organization facing significant organizational changes today in the way it must do business?

Have you lost market share?

How has the COVID pandemic changed how you do business?

Have you recently had a change in senior leadership?

Have you been acquired or divested?

Are the shareholders demanding a closer attention to costs?

Has your primary market shifted to overseas?

Are you implementing SAP or some other enterprise-wide system?

Are you moving towards teams and a team-based culture?

Are you right-sizing, down-sizing, or otherwise reducing headcount?

Are you experiencing difficulty leading “virtual” teams?

Has your business changed and left your company behind?

Is your business model dependent on the political party in charge?

Because CHANGE is a definable process, we can learn to lead it effectively. Waiting to manage the changes after they have taken place has sounded the death knell for many companies and careers of senior leaders.

When Change itself is changing, your full time job is CHANGE. During times of change, learners inherit the Earth.

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Change—Danger or possibility.