More on High Performance

If attaining High Performance is a goal that interests you, we can help. We may begin by having employees complete the “ESI High Performance Readiness Checklist”. This assessment contains 20 questions that help us and the organization’s leadership determine the relative readiness of the organization to pursue a path to High Performance.

We then work with you to develop a plan that encourages the organization to think consciously about your:

  1. Purpose-why does the team, SBU, or organization exist? Whom do you serve? Who are your internal and external customers?
  2. Values-What are your agreed upon core values that you are willing to have your customers, suppliers, community, and employees hold you accountable for acting upon as you do business?
  3. What is your Vision? Do you have one? Do your employees have alignment between their personal aspirations and the business vision? Does the organization see the vision as a piece of worthless fluff decorating the walls of the conference room, or is it a guide to doing business? Is it the senior leader’s vision or the company’s vision?
  4. What are the team’s or the company’s Operating Principles? In other words, what are the practical day-by-day norms that you will employ to hold one another accountable to live the values in order to achieve the stated vision
  5. What are your Tactics (short range goals) and Strategy (longer range plan and processes) to achieve the vision?
  6. What are your Metrics? Those things we measure get done. Those things we fail to measure never happen. Many organizations create grand goals and then never put metrics in place to ensure that they are achieved.

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