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Most of the better-known, campus-based executive education programs specialize in just one or two functional expertises (marketing, sales, finances) over the others. We bring contemporary experts in areas as diverse as business strategy, supply chain management, financial management, personal growth, creating and sustaining business mergers, acquiring overseas businesses, partnering, entrepreneurship and new business development, identifying star performers, dealing with the media, R&D, market analysis, and Innovation.

Even though many of our consultants are part time adjunct faculty members of the graduate business schools and Departments of Executive Education at Georgia Tech, Stanford University, Carnegie Mellon University, The University of Pittsburgh, LSU, and the University of California, we are not tied to any one university system but bring the best there is, wherever they are, to your campus.

Sure, you may miss the ivy, the local grad school beer crawl to pubs in the area, the bad hotel food, and the frequent flyer miles coming and going, but you will gain in expertise, breadth of learning, and save on time and expense away from the job.

Let us build the faculty and the virtual university to fit your business needs.

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We bring the university to your office, any time, any place.