The Great Escape

Challenges and Learnings

  • Is your organization trapped in mediocrity?
  • Does your competition seem to be in charge?
  • What prevents you from acting decisively?
  • How can your team work more collaboratively?
  • What are your blocks to honest communication?
  • Why can’t your team break free of old habits?
  • Do you constantly have to react to others’ requirements?
  • How do you practice for success?
  • Do some team members seem to hinder your success?
  • How well does your team deal with change?
  • How does your team deal with limited resources?
  • How can you transform your “group” into as “Team”?
  • Does your organization reward “managers” or “leaders”?
  • What are your team’s core values?
  • How do you celebrate team successes?
  • What does a leader really do?
  • Would your teammates want you as their wingman?
  • Who packed your parachute?
  • Whose parachute are you packing?

A Grand Training Event that will forever transform your organization and how you do business. This 1 day event is designed for large group meetings, leadership conferences, and national sales meetings. We have brought together in a remarkable training collaboration, former Vietnam POW and acclaimed motivational speaker, Charlie Plumb, and world renowned consultant, author, and executive coach, Bill Jeffries. The day will immerse your organization in a series of exciting Action Learning Labs, all related to the POW experience, which will demonstrate and reinforce how having a clear and concise Vision and Crystal Clear Values enhance Effective Communication, Leadership, Creativity and Innovation, Dealing with Adversity, Developing Teams that Work, and Collaboration.

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