More on EI Assessment

ESI, Inc. uses only the most scientifically validated ways to measure Emotional Intelligence.

The assessment uses the familiar 1-5-15 factor structure familiar to users of the previous Bar-On EQi. The assessment presents one Overall EI score, broken down into five Composite scores, which in turn are broken down into a total of fifteen Subscales:

  1. Self-Perception (Self-Regard, Self-Actualization, & Emotional Self-Awareness)
  2. Self-Expression (Emotional Expression, Assertiveness, & Independence)
  3. Stress Management (Flexibility, Stress Tolerance, & Optimism)
  4. Decision Making (Problem Solving, Reality Testing, & Impulse Control), and
  5. Interpersonal (Interpersonal Relationships, Empathy, & Social Responsibility)

The assessment is available through ESI, Inc. on line and accessible in several languages.

Who we are does not change (think, MBTI®). What we can become (EI) changes continuously. Help us at ESI make a difference for you.

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