More on Career Transitions

Tips for beginning the process:

  • Survey personal interests, skills, and abilities
  • Know your Strengths and potential Liabilities
  • Involve your Family and Loved Ones
  • Understand your Capacity for Risk
  • Self Mastery—Know Yourself
  • Understand the Marketplace
  • Network / Call in Favors
  • Confront your Emotions
  • Find a Successful Coach
  • Visualize Success
  • Be Flexible…

We begin with some simple instrumentation which always includes the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and may also include the Strong Campbell Interest Inventory, Strength Deployment Indicator, and a discussion of Emotional Intelligence.

After initial training and coaching, we help individuals explore Career Paths, Job Groupings, and Professional Options by looking at their personality preferences, their academic preparation, and their resumes to date. We then assist them in linking up with an appropriate career counselor or Head Hunter and coach them in Resume Preparation, Interview Skills, and even Dress.
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