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These activities are not for everyone, but they are designed safely with everyone in mind. When we take teams out on St. Maarten’s Bay, for example, to sail competitive regattas, individuals need have no sailing experience. When we take your team white water rafting in Pennsylvania, Colorado, California, Utah, or West Virginia, you don’t need to know how to swim. When we rappel off a 40 foot wall at Evergreen Conference Center at Stone Mountain Georgia or off the 15 story roof of the Shangrila Palace in Shanghai, China, you need not ever have climbed down knotted bed sheets out of your bedroom window. We provide the training on site and provide you with the finest safety instruction and equipment available.

We ensure that those accompanying us are screened for appropriate medical issues, and our team of ESI experts are all professionally certified as mountain rescue experts, paramedics, advanced PADI certified professionals, or professional trail guides. Those who lead our mountaineering activities are some of the best climbers in the world, and those who lead our sailing adventures have all crewed 12 meter boats in the America’s Cup competition. When prudent, medical personnel accompany us on the adventures.

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Twelve meter boat in Cabo San Lucas.